“When we rest our energy is restored.”

You know why it’s important to take rest days from working out? I think it’s also important to rest and take breaks from other things – take writing for example.


The dudes taking care of things while I rest and relax.

When I sat down to write this week’s blog, the words just weren’t coming together. My thoughts were all there but they wouldn’t cooperate from my brain to the keyboard. Then, before I could overthink it, my son work up from his nap and back to reality I went.

I decided to take my own advice when it comes to rest and make this week’s blog a simple reminder that sometimes taking a bit of time off is the best way to get unstuck, whether it’s a workout slump, writer’s block, or really anything. So I’m going to take it.

In related, fun timing, Twin Cities Marathon is this coming weekend! What a great reminder to all the runners who’ve worked so hard, take some time to rest and relax this week, then be ready to crush the miles this weekend. And, of course I must share a blog with a couple others about the struggle of tapering before a race. But also, knowing it’s important to do it.

I’ll be out there on Sunday, pacing runners in the TC 10 Mile. Good luck to everyone running!

Do you need to take rest days to recharge and re-energize? What else besides a workout deserves a regular rest day? The comments are all yours so please share one.

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