Keepin It Real

What started as a simple effort to get in better shape has become a major part of my life.  Hi, I’m Lindsay, formerly blogging at Run Like A Girl 311, this is where I’m at now.

Wellness In Real Life continues my blogging journey, something I began a decade ago because I love to write. I also love to run, lift weights, just generally be active and stay well, and wanted to share advice and tips with others looking to find their way to wellness, too. Combining it all, my blog has evolved into stories about running, eating, lifting, parenting, balance, and, overall, wellness. Plus, a whole lot of stories, advice and unpopular opinions that nobody asked me for.

What makes me different from other wellness bloggers is I keep it real – nobody asked me to write this so you won’t find fitness rah-rah, 21-day-fix, “people are always asking me to share my secret to X, Y Z…” bullshit here. Just all things wellness and all in real life. I work full-time and am also a mom to two young boys so I share a lot of perspectives on staying well even with the chaos of work and children.

Professionally, I have zero formal training in health, fitness, or wellness. Again, nobody asked me for my opinions here. Everything I share is self-taught and based on my real life experiences, just a girl who wanted to leave some bad choices and bad habits in the past and find a new lifestyle. If you’re looking for info from a true professional – real, sensible advice, again no fads or nonsense – might I suggest following @JoeFitness on Twitter or Joe Fitness on Facebook. Otherwise, stay tuned and let’s keep it real.


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