“Make the best of what’s around”

While most Fargo Marathon runners began their taper last week, I was enjoying peak week. Pacing Get in Gear the weekend prior required an adjustment to my overall training schedule. Lucky me, I got to delay my taper a whole week!

Yep, looks like it’s taper time.

Those of you new to the blog won’t be surprised to know I’m not a fan of tapering. I certainly have blogged about it…a couple times. Those who have been around awhile may recall last year’s blog where I turned things upside down, actually offering some positivity for tapering.

This year, I’m again making the best of the taper instead of cursing it. Especially with it being a week shorter, I’m choosing to put a positive spin on it – or, maybe more distracting myself from it – by giving myself a new goal to achieve during the next two weeks til race day.

As much as I’ve been trying to take more time for mindfulness and meditation, it’s not a habit yet so it’s often forgotten or deprioritized. Not during the next two weeks though. I set a goal for focused, mindful time at least three times a week during my taper.

This will be good for me in general, but also a really good exercise in quality psychological prep before a race. I’ve been putting in so many miles and weight days, my body has gotten the prep it needs for 26.2. Now it’s time for a little mind prep. I believe remaining focused, calm, and aware on race day will allow me to be my best, to lead my pace group through the miles and have a great run.

Burton helps me stick to yoga.

Anyone else tapering right now? Have you thought about setting a little side goal that will benefit you on race day and be a nice distraction during your taper? Comment or tweet me, @runlikeagirl311 on Twitter.

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