Setting a holiday spending budget. It’s something we should do every year, right?

But in the shuffle of budgeting money for holiday gifts and decorations, travel and food, we may neglect the most important budget of all. The budget to manage our most important resource; one that holds even more value than money: Time.


Taking time for things that really matter.

Time is finite. You can’t make more of it. And, unlike money, we all get the same amount of time each day.

In the same way you budget money to make sure there’s enough to go around, budgeting your time is a great way to make the most of this asset. Not so you can do more this holiday season…but so you can DO LESS. It’s crucial to your wellness – and, especially, your holiday wellness – to save time for yourself.

In my latest Fargo Mom blog post, I share five tips to create a time budget for the holidays that leaves plenty for you this holiday season. I’ll share a quick snapshot below, but definitely click above to read the full post!

1. Plan Ahead
2. Don’t Schedule Too Much
3. Divide and Conquer
4. Define Need vs. Want vs. Waste
5. Just Say No

I hope this helps you budget your valuable time and make the holiday season a bit merrier and brighter.

That’s enough for now. Until next time,


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