You know how you read articles, watch YouTube videos, or see other content where the “expert” leads off by saying, “People are always asking me X, Y, Z…” Then they go into their elevator pitch on said topic?

This is not how I come up with most of the stories I share, wellness or otherwise. Generally, nobody asked me about anything I’m writing.


Like I tell people when they run in my pace groups, “Come along, I’ll make it fun!”

Now, there have been a couple occasions where I’ve written about a wellness topic because someone actually did ask me. These scenarios usually happen because I’m…well, unique.

I often act differently than what’s considered normal. Most of my opinions are unpopular ones. I’m happily disconnected from the mainstream, pop culture, and, in general, the realities of my generation.

This oddball nature has been fascinating at least a time or two, enough to the point someone has asked me.

But let’s not get too crazy here; most of the time, when I share a story or point of view, nobody asked me.

It’s inspired me to create a new series on this wellness blog, still keeping it real, and in the best way possible: stories, advice, and unpopular opinions that, quite literally, nobody asked me to share. I hope you’ll come along. I’ll make it fun!

More to come! Until next time,


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