We’re told some big lies in our lifetime. The lies start before we reach high school. They continue for the next decades into careers, parenthood, and relationships. And contrary to how I act, I’m not yet living in my golden years so, I’m just assuming the lies will continue.

A few of these lies?
1. Do whatever it takes so that everybody likes you in high school (please don’t).
2. Your college degree entitles you to your dream job a big salary (it doesn’t).
3. Parents should be celebrated for doing things that parents should do (we shouldn’t).

I’m all about keeping it real. And this thought about lies popped into my head recently during a run.


Hands up, hype yourself up.

Side note: I’m training for a marathon and I famously run without headphones. So I get a lot of free-thinking time these days.

I was thinking about a blog to tee up my latest article for Fargo Mom. One of the key points in that article revolves around a big lie that exists in adulthood and my (cough, unpopular opinion) unique take on the situation.

The big lie? Your spouse should be your best friend.
My unique take: Be your own best friend. And it all starts by showing yourself gratitude.

Read the full article, which is all about how to show yourself gratitude, on the Fargo Mom site.

Or, here’s a quick hit of my top 5 ways you can show yourself gratitude:

1. Take time for yourself
2. Nourish yourself
3. Speak kindly to yourself
4. Journal about yourself
5. Celebrate yourself

It’s framed up thru the lens of a mother but it applies to everyone. The bottom line: Be your own best friend. Be self-aware and honest with yourself, yet bring the high-fives and the “hell yeahs!” Because you can like no one else can.

That’s enough for now. Until next time,


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