“Sometimes a rest day is the best day”

I often find myself getting little nuggets of wisdom from older movies and TV shows.

In the past few weeks, D2: The Mighty Ducks has been on a lot and, naturally, I’ve had it on in the background every chance possible. As I write this, it’s going to be on in a half hour. #winning

Side note, based on my references to movies like the Mighty Ducks and TV shows like Full House (twice – I’ve referenced Full House twice, most recently in a post about successful daily habits) I imagine it’s quite obvious most of my childhood years were spent in the 90s.

One of the tiny lessons gleaned from this movie comes, not from the lead character, Coach Gordon Bombay, but the supporting “coach” of the team, their tutor, Ms. Michelle McKay.

After a particularly grueling post-game workout sesh, the team is exhausted the next day so Ms. McKay takes it upon herself to cancel their practice later that day. Her simple explanation, “They needed a day off…they need to rest.”

Wise words, Ms. McKay.

With rest and a change in Coach Bombay’s attitude, the team becomes energized, happy, and comes together to beat team Iceland for the gold medal. Ah, the power of rest.


Proactive rest combats overtiredness…my son is learning.

Now, in the real world, you might not come off a rest day with boundless energy and pull off an achievement as seemingly impossible as beating the big, bad boys from Iceland. But rest does wonders, for the mind and the body. Sometimes, a little bit of rest is exactly what we need.

A person cannot function at his or her best without rest. I mean, it’s possible to function on very little rest and sleep – new parents, I’m looking at you. With a 10-month old, I still remember those grueling early weeks and, somehow, getting through them. But I think we can all admit that we’re not our best when running on little rest.

If your current workout plan doesn’t allow a rest day, it’s probably not the best-devised plan. If your work mentality is go, go GO, rest can wait, it’s probably not the smartest path to take. Both are clear roads to the destination of burnout. For a deeper dive into this, read my post: 3 reasons to take a rest day.

I have an ongoing weekly goal to work out at least five days a week. Barring intense travel, sickness, or major issues with my son, this is always my goal and I take it seriously.

Most of my workouts are early morning ones. I don’t always get to strategically plan my rest days anymore so it can be tempting to want to go, go, go every day in case something unexpected comes up and forces me to miss a work out. I look at this a little closer in my post: The Importance of Rest Day and Relaxation. Feel free to check out that one, too.

But there are some days that I choose to sleep in and it’s the right choice. I have to remind myself, sleeping in isn’t me being lazy – it’s the best way to keep my body and mind strong.

Do you take rest days or make time for rest periods in your day when needed? Do you notice a positive effect on your body and mind after rest time?

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