“Days are expensive – spend each one wisely.”

Want 12 weeks to go by really, really fast? Have a baby.

Okay, don’t have a baby for that reason. But for real, the weeks after having a baby are perhaps the fastest of your life. The days and most nights are painfully long, but those weeks are short.

I use 12 weeks as the example because that’s the typical FMLA time allotted to working mothers in this country – some moms get more and some, sadly, get less but that’s the standard. And mine just came up recently and I’ve been transitioning back into working mom mode – this time with two little boys instead of one. Oh boy…


That face you make when it’s time to go back to work!

My first week back to work was met with the usual mix of tears and scatterbrain combined with relief and excitement. But it was also a reminder to me of the importance of a morning routine.

Why a Morning Routine Matters
A few weeks ago, when baby Chase started sleeping well and waking at a more predictable time, I got into a nice morning routine. Not my usual routine but one that works when baby is the primary focus of the day. And it led to better days than when I didn’t have one, for both of us. Chase started sleeping better at naps and had happier awake time, while I felt in control of my day and was able to get at least a few things done.

Now that we’re going back into work life mode, I need to re-establish a morning routine that prioritizes me as much as my family. Why am I so concerned about this? Why does a morning routine matter?

Last week, I didn’t have a new morning routine figured out at all. And you know what? My mornings weren’t great. I felt rushed, scattered, and not ready to be my best for the day – it sucked.

A solid morning routine is sooo important. It quite literally sets the tone for the entire day. Start the day aimless and unorganized, be ready for that theme to carry through the rest of the day.


A morning routine can just include a few quiet moments for yourself.

Re-Establishing a Morning Routine
So now begins a time when I’m going to get back to establishing my new morning routine. As I work on this, I’ll draw inspiration from my previously successful morning routine, feel free to take a look back at that blog if you’re looking for inspiration for your own routine.

Or, check out this one with 5 tips for a good morning routine.

Things like journaling, mindful moments, and simply sitting down to enjoy breakfast and coffee are at the top of the “must” list for what I need in my routine. Those are a few simple things that make me feel in control and ready to start the day.

If you’re looking to better establish your own morning routine, start by thinking about what makes you feel in control and be at your best. And start small – like my list above, that’s not much. Eventually I’d like to get back to starting some days with exercise or yoga but right now, I’m starting with the basics.

As I work on this, I’ll also draw inspiration from others, those of you who believe in the benefits of a morning routine and have successful morning rituals. So, if you have that to share, please leave a comment. I’d love it!

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