“Creativity is contagious. Let’s pass it on.”

If you’re like me, and most runners, you save your race medals, bibs, and other various race day goods.
If you’re like me, and most runners, you probably have intentions of doing something creative to display or save this memorabilia.
If you’re like me, all this stuff gets tossed in boxes and put in piles, never to actually be displayed or housed creatively.

It’s okay. Pretty sure that last one applies to most runners but I don’t want to assume everyone’s as lazy…er, lacking creativity…as I am.


We can still run for Boston this year.

Maybe it’s because of this coronavirus quarantine life we’re all still living, maybe because I’m sad about my May marathon being canceled, or maybe because it’s Boston Marathon time – whatever the reason, I’m proud to say I finally did a project with, not one, but THREE sets of goodies from races.

A Trifecta Approach
Some races, usually full marathons, offer runners a foil wrap at the finish to help keep your temperature from dropping too quickly. I always keep these, again, with the intention of doing something with them…just never actually doing anything with them.

The race medal and bib are pretty obvious keepsakes, but I wanted a way to incorporate all three items into a cool display. After thinking about it and doing some searching for the right frames, I decided I’d create a frame display, with the blanket as the backdrop for the bib and medal.

Because Fargo Marathon finishes indoors (which is pretty rad), Fargo finishers don’t receive the foil blankets. But I did have three from Boston, Chicago, and Duluth, so I decided that would be a perfect lineup to frame. A nice little non-Fargo trifecta and three of my most memorable races.

I ran Chicago when I was pregnant with my son, Duluth was my first marathon after he was born, plus I ran it alongside my longest best friend for her first full marathon. And Boston was, well, running Boston. The ultimate dream.

I simply cut the blankets to fill up the frame, minus the matt, then arranged the bib and medal as I thought would look best, with some wiggle room as I realized they’d shift a bit as I flipped it over to properly display in the frame.


Tah dah!

It was fairly easy and didn’t take a ton of time. I’m so excited about how they turned out and they’ll be the perfect décor for the new gym nook we’ve created in our basement.

Now, I still have a pretty sizeable stack of medals, bibs, and other race stuff that remains in piles and boxes. So I’m still in need of more creative ways are there to display them.

What have you done with your race medals, bibs, and other goods? Or do you have a really good idea planned in your head? I’d love your ideas. After all, as the quote reads in this blog, creativity is contagious. In a time of COVID-19 and unpleasant contagions, let’s pass along some creativity germs to each other!

The comments are all yours and I’d love more ideas so please share.

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