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If this blog post were food, it would be toast with banana and peanut butter.

Because it’s marathon and general race season, here are my three top wellness topics for today:

1. What to Expect from a Marathon, How to Train for a Marathon, and How to Run a Marathon

Fargo Marathon

Running the Fargo Marathon

I break down a marathon in chunks of the race to help guide you through the process and give you a great experience running a marathon. It includes info from all three posts in the series: what to expect from a marathon, how to train for a marathon, and how to run a marathon.

2. Five Tips for Your First Half Marathon

Full marathoners, I’m not just sharing tips for you – those who have questions about running your first half marathon, this one is for. A quick post for all you first-time half marathon runners or even those of you veteran runners who are looking for some encouragement or advice.

3. Taper Goals for Marathon Training

This is not your typical taper post. Here’s a thought for how to make the best of a taper and improving overall wellness with a good habit.

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