“Water, water everywhere.”

Water is so good for us. Drinking more water can energize, ward off headaches, and provide numerous wellness benefits, and it’s such an easy and free thing everyone can do to be well. Yet, a lot of people don’t drink enough water.

After recently blogging about four easy ways to work on wellness, and water standing out as the one of most interest, I conducted social media polls and found that only about half of respondents believe they drink enough water every day. Yet, I have to believe we all know it’s important. So what’s the deal?

Why Don’t We Drink Enough Water?
While I have yet to pinpoint the exact reason, I have ideas based on side conversations and additional polls. I also know that some people simply don’t “like” water aka they find it boring because it’s not soda, an energy drink, or something with flavor, sugar, or caffeine. Sorry, but those don’t count as water and they sure aren’t doing you any favors in terms of wellness.

So while some people may want to up their water totals by drinking more coffee, adding a flavored drink mix, or sipping on “vitamin-enriched” water (which is bogus and full of added sugar and calories – if you’re that concerned with vitamins, eat better or take a damn multivitamin), I don’t offer that kind of advice.


Even Abel has water bottles wherever he goes.

That aside, to address the most common reasons I believe half of us don’t drink enough water, here are three ways to make yourself drink more water.

1. Get Multiple Water Bottles
One for the car. One for the office. One for the couch. One for the nightstand. One for running. These are examples of different water bottles I own – and, yes, each one is for a designated place (though I do double-up the at-home ones to bring to the lake and on trips).

The point is if you’re going to drink more water, it has to be accessible. You’re not always going to be by a drinking fountain, water cooler, or a store where you can buy it – and, honestly, don’t buy it. Save money, save plastic bottles, hooray!

Set yourself up for success by having a water bottle for the most common places you are – and make sure it’s always filled.

2. Use Technology
I’m not a phone person. I’m not an apps person. I’m not a smart watch person. But I realize most people are and technology offers opportunities to further wellness goals, drinking more water included.

In my polling research for this article, a few people noted that simply forgetting to drink water was why they didn’t do it. From setting a reminder to downloading an app that encourages drinking water, there are plenty of simple ways technology can prompt you to hydrate and help build it into a habit that becomes natural.

3. Eat Intentionally
So, this one’s interesting. What do eating habits have to do with water? Plenty.

How often do you find yourself mindlessly snacking, missing meals, or eating on-the-go? For most people, this is probably pretty common. And when eating is done erratically, it likely doesn’t include a glass of water.

But think about what happens when you eat intentionally, a snack or a meal. Usually, there’s a beverage along with it. And you can make this beverage water.

Planning meals and snacks is a great way to ensure you’re drinking water. The two pair together so nicely. Every time you take a moment to enjoy a meal or snack, be sure you include a tall glass of H2O along with it.

There it is – three ways you can get more water in your day, every day. Did I miss any major hangups? What prevents you from drinking enough water each day? Do you have another tip to encourage healthy hydration habits? The comments are your space to share thoughts so please do so. Or, connect with me @lindsayinreallife on Instagram or @LindsayIRL on Twitter.


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