“Go big or go home – cool, I’ll go home and take a nap.”

When most people set goals, they go big, jump in headfirst, take a big bite. This is especially true in the wellness world. Must meal plan and prep every week. Must run a 5k. Must meditate 10 minutes every day.

It’s easy to get caught up in the big stuff and think achieving those big goals is the only way to be well. Truth is, there are some big wellness strides one can take by doing small, easy things.

Here are four simple steps you can take right now for better wellness.

1. Drink Water
Water is so simple yet so important.

First, there’s the scientific health benefits of drinking water like improved brain function and a happy colon and kidneys.


My latest, greatest water bottle to keep up the hydration game

Then there’s the added good water does, like it’s proven to boost energy levels and metabolism, prevent headaches, and enhance physical performance, important for a labor-intensive job or tough work out.

It also aids in natural detox of the body – no absurd juice, lemonade, or broth cleanses necessary.

There’s zero argument anyone can make against drinking lots of water. And it’s so easy to do it. So do it.

2. Move Intentionally
Movement matters – but it’s not necessary to run 10 miles to get the wellness benefits of moving. Movement should be part of every day life.

Going for a walk, using the stairs, even choosing a parking space far away from the door are all simple ways to move more. They’re small steps that add up.

Notice I added “intentionally” to this tip. A lot of fitness tips advise doing squats while brushing your teeth, stretch while in the shower, or do lunges in your cubicle while catching up on emails.

Um, does anyone actually do this sort of nonsense? I do not believe this is advice that’s fit for real life. To each their own but I don’t advise trying to do double duty on adding more movement to your day. It’s not that hard to move your body, it doesn’t need this level of overthinking. If you honestly can’t make time, 15 minutes, in your day to do cardio, surely you can make the effort to walk, take stairs, or do something.

This ties closely to another belief I have that goes against multitasking. I believe in being present and focused, and just do what you’re doing.

Brush your teeth while you’re brushing your teeth. Shower while you’re showering. And do work while you’re at work. There’s no need to do other things while you’re already doing something…

3. One Thing At a Time
…Which leads to the next point – just do one thing at a time.

In our over-scheduled, always so busy, social media-driven world, apparently we can’t do just one thing anymore. We must multitask to get more done rather than set boundaries on commitments. We must cram in activities because there’s not enough time rather than plan and prioritize that time.

And, apparently, we must film a concert to share on social media rather than, oh I don’t know, enjoy the damn concert – that one I seriously don’t get. Please stop it.

Okay, now I’m not saying you can never multitask. It has its place in the day. But more often than not, let yourself to focus on one thing at a time.

On a related note, here’s why to disconnect and put down your phone for better health.

Be present. Enjoy moments. Focus on your work, your friend, or simply just be. Not only is this an easy-to-implement wellness tip, it’s a simple, yet giant step towards mindfulness and even meditation, if that’s the end goal.

4. Be Grateful
Finally, let’s talk about the wellness benefits of gratitude. Again, the proven benefits of showing gratitude are better physical and emotional health. Additional benefits are better sleep and greater mental strength.


Grateful for friendship and coffee.

Then there’s the improved self-esteem that comes from taking a moment to be grateful. Social media traps us into focusing on what others have, what they’re doing, or why their life is so great (or the appearance of all). Instead, let’s put the focus back on ourselves, what we have, the great things we’ve done, or why we really do have it pretty good.

Similar with multitasking, I’m not advising to ditch social media entirely – I mean, chances are you found this post through social media (thank you for reading). And I absolutely want to see photos of your dog in my feed. But always remember that someone else’s positives don’t take away from yours – or, really, even affect yours.

You don’t have to keep a gratitude journal and write in it every day – though I personally do enjoy gratitude journaling. But make the effort to recognize something you’re grateful for every day. It’s good for you, it’s easy, and I promise you have enough to fill that journal if you decide to take it to that level.

What would you add to this list? What’s a simple, daily habit you’ve taken that has positively impacted your wellness? The comments are for you so please leave one. Or connect with me on Twitter @LindsayIRL.


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