Another month has come and gone so it’s time for more #wednesdaywisdom. This is wellness, health, and fitness advice in a quick, easy-to-digest format, designed to give you maximum energy and inspiration.

Think of it as eggs with avocado…only with words.


Darker days are on the way – keeping running & keep the happy

Because it’s October, this month’s wellness focus is about fear – but don’t be scared, I’m talking about overcoming it.

1. Behind the Scenes Running 26.2 Miles – Part 1: What to Expect
Ready to run a marathon? Broken down from the start line to the finish, and all the miles in between, here’s what to expect training for a marathon.

2. Staying Strong and Running Outside
It has been more than a year but we still remember Mollie Tibbets and what she reminds us about the joy of running outside.

3. The Value, Power, and Importance of Failure
Nobody wants to fail. But failure can be a good thing. Here’s my personal story of failure – more than time actually – that turned into victory.

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