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Happy Global Running Day!

As an extra-fun tie-in, it’s also Global Running Day! Happiest of days to all my fellow runners out there and I hope you enjoy some special running-themed wisdom:

1. Five Reasons to Run Without Headphones
One of my favorite blogs of all-time. There’s so much we get out of running. Here are five reasons to run without headphones and really soak it all in.

2. You Might Be a Runner
I dug waaayyy into the archives for this one – we should almost call this post #waybackwednesday. This gem reminds you that, no matter how fast or how far, you are a runner. And for fun, 10 signs you might be a runner.

3. The Thing That Sucks Worse Than Running
My most recent blog felt like the perfect close to this month’s Wednesday Wisdom. Do you ‘have to’ do things or do you ‘get to’ do them? Here’s why swapping ‘have to’ with ‘get to’ is a game-changer.

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