“Every adventure can have a wellness moment”

This is one of the longer breaks I’ve taken from blogging, I bet since my son was born. I’ve been traveling quite a bit, including over the last two weekends (and I leave for another trip today) so, especially considering weekends are usually my time to write for me, the blog has taken a slight hit.

However, the hiatus gave me some time to think and I recognized all the things I have managed to keep up with amidst all the traveling.

Travel is something many of us deal with, whether for work or pleasure, that can throw off wellness goals.


Chris keep up the cardio.

Here are five ways I stay on track with health and wellness while traveling.

1. Remember the Vitamins
This one is a pretty easy one to keep up, it just requires some pre-planning to pack all my vitamins ahead of time. I take a daily multivitamin, elderberry, and fiber, plus, when I travel, I usually add an extra dose of Vitamin C.

I have this nifty pill pack divider container where I portion out all the vitamins and it’s easy to make sure I’ve taken them every day.

2. Keep Journaling
It’s a simple one but keeping up with journaling is my favorite, easy way to stack on track with traveling. Right now, I keep a daily gratitude journal, a detailed exercise journal, a simple food journal, and also include a short end-of-day check in which covers everything from mood to energy level to something notable from the day.

One way I often need to adjust my journaling is to do it all at night. Normally, I do a lot of my journaling early in the morning but I find it’s tougher to do that when traveling because it’s not my normal mourning routine. Plus, moving it all to the evening is a nice wind-down from the busy day and a good way to reflect on the day.

3. Some Exercise
Second only to eating well, I’d say exercise is a tough one to keep up while traveling.

I go into every trip knowing I won’t be able to keep up with my normal exercise – but I use that to give myself grace but also to take the opportunity to try something new. Maybe I’ll do an easy, quick bodyweight leg circuit in my room in lieu of a normal lift. Or, when I was in Montana the other weekend, the altitude got to me so I had to be okay with slowing my pace a bit.

Another simple idea – walk the halls and stairs at the hotel. My colleague, Jim often winds down the day by going for walks, even if it’s simply around the hotel and stairs.

One final tip: Plan your workout schedule so you build in at least one rest day during travel, that way when you need that day (or two) off, it’s an easy, guilt-free decision.


A perfect end to the day – journal therapy

4. Eat Well-ish
This one is without a doubt the toughest to keep up with while traveling. As hard as I try to make the best choices, sometimes there just aren’t great options, especially when you’re with a group and dine out at restaurants for every meal.

One of the ways I try to combat this is set myself up for the day with a good breakfast, nothing excessive and similar to what I eat at home. Then, throughout the day, I don’t strive to eat super healthy…just well-ish, as I call it. Burgers for lunch? I opt for the side salad instead of fries. Ordering dessert for dinner? Hell yes! Often, I’ll just split it with someone else.

I also pack healthy snacks, from fruit cups to protein bars, so that I have good options during the day and later in the evening when I’m back at the hotel (no need to hit the vending machine!).

Especially when I travel for work, we’re often outside, moving around and I get hungrier than normal. So if I eat a little more, it’s okay!

5. Get Some ZZZZs
One of the most important pieces to the wellness puzzle, travel or not, is getting good sleep. Again, this is a tricky one because of earlier mornings and later evenings, and just more activity in general. And, when I’m working, I’m one of those who spends the later evening hours catching up with emails and trying to work on projects I normally would during the day.

But I have a rule: I always cut it off by 9 or 9:30, that way I have a little time to relax and wind down with my journaling or reading, then still get to bed by a reasonable hour. Even when traveling for pleasure, I have no shame in sticking to my early-to-bed/early-to-rise schedule as much as possible.

Travel throws us all off, no doubt. But with a little extra effort and planning, these are a few of the ways I prioritize wellness and try to do my best when I’m not in the comfort of my home routine.

What ways do you stay well while traveling?

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