“You can’t start the next chapter if you keep re-reading the last one”

Two members of my pace crew – started together, finished together.

Another Fargo Marathon in the books. This year’s race was one of the most fun for me, as I had the privilege of leading one of the pace groups. While I was nervous for my first assignment as a full marathon pacer, those nerves quickly went away, as I laughed, encouraged, and bonded with some great people throughout the streets, bike paths, and college campuses of Fargo and Moorhead.

Like other marathon runners, the hardest part of marathon training is here – what to do next. There are several reasons post-marathon time is tough but unlike other marathon runners, I don’t have the “whats” part of it to deal with. You know the “whats”:

“What could I have done differently?”
“What if I had run the first few miles a little faster?”
“What should I have changed with my training to do better?”

Runners are notoriously hard on themselves, often dissecting and analyzing every part of the race, every step in the training process, all to know what they could have done better.

What’s next for me? More fun runs with Ainsley’s Angels

As a pacer, I had a different approach than most runners hoping for a personal goal; I simply had a job to do and, I’m happy to say, I believe I did it well. So I get to look back on this year’s event and training with no regrets, no “whats,” but I sympathize with runners right now who are dealing with, both the scrutinizing “whats” and the big question: “What do I do now?” That’s why I offer up a throwback blog, how to beat those after-marathon-blues.

Those of you who recently ran a marathon, whether Fargo or other, I invite you to read as well. Remember to celebrate your accomplishment. No matter how race day turned out, you worked hard for months and that alone is worth recognizing. Most importantly, it will help you move on to a better “whats” – what’s next!

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