“The best way to find out what we need is to get rid of what we don’t.”

The idea of spring cleaning has been on my mind lately. But not typical cleaning the house. I mean, I have two little boys. The second my husband and I finish cleaning and take in that moment of pride, ahhh the house is cle….damn it, the toddler just dumped out all his cars, the baby blew out through another outfit, and somehow the sink is full of dishes again.

While the dream of maintaining a spotless house is on the back burner for, well, at least several years now, the spring cleaning I’ve been working on is me.

Professionally, I’m trying to clear out ideas and think of fresh, new ways to approach projects and my work in general. I’m working on decluttering my brain from negativity and staying focused on what I can control. Camelback-Hiking-Heisman

Personally, I’m working on having a clean, uncluttered mind as well. This includes more mindfulness and being fully present in moments vs. scatterbrained multitasking and losing sight of what really matters.

Another area of my personal efforts of spring cleaning is this blog. I haven’t gone thru and cleaned out old posts since before I switched over from my old blog (which was a few years ago – not months, years, yikes). So it was time.

Time to clean up and clean out older posts that are no longer reflective of me and this blog. Time to get rid of posts with negative tone. Time to ditch posts that don’t showcase my best writing efforts.

Within the past couple of years, I’ve really tried to shift my writing to be positive and uplifting, while still approaching topics that are tough and not sugarcoating. It is a tricky balance that I’m really trying to strike, one that stays true to who I am today and also who I have been up until this point.

Have you taken a spring cleaning approach to anything in your life? Straight up cleaning and decluttering the house, the garage, the car, or in a different, less tangible sense like mine? The comments are all yours so please share.

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