“Get in your fucking swimsuit.”

It’s August – that means there’s still plenty of summer left. There are plenty of days filled with sun. There are plenty of days that give us a reason to eat ice cream. There are plenty of days it will be hot AF.

And along with it all, there are plenty of days to get enjoy time in the water, whether at the beach, lake, or pool.

Yet, many people won’t take advantage of the full spoils of summer. It could be 100 degrees, sunny, and the only rational thing to do is find a body of water and immerse oneself in it. But many will forgo the opportunity by staying inside because they won’t get in a swimsuit.

A group of women from Fargo are on a mission to encourage everyone to get in their swimsuit and not miss out on the fun. They even made this video appropriately titled: Get in your f***ing swimsuit. Go ahead and watch it, now or later. But if you watch it now, please come back.


Moments like this don’t happen inside or on the sidelines.

I love the message of this video. It’s mostly geared towards women, though I think men can identify with it, too. It reminds us how much we worry about what we look like in a swimsuit. The worrying can get us to the point we forgo being outside or sit on the sidelines in our coverups vs. getting in on the fun.

I don’t care what I look like, I’m going to play on the beach with my son, go swimming with him, try to even out my sexy runner tan lines, and jump on the jetski, fully knowing my husband’s crazy driving will throw me off and into the lake. And I’m going to do it in my swimsuit, letting it all hang out.

I don’t do it without a bit of self-consciousness though. I get it. It kinda sucks wearing a swimsuit and not having a “perfect” body, right? Being worried about fat rolls and back rolls and OMG how many rolls do I have and OMG everyone is looking at my rolls.

No matter how many times we hear people come in all shapes and sizes, rah rah for body confidence, and be beautiful at any size, body insecurity is never going away. People are always going to feel uncomfortable and judged when they wear a swimsuit. And sadly, I think it’s because of a small group of people, not most people.

I believe most people are kind and supportive of one another. I believe most people are more worried about what they look like than what you or I look like.

We hear it from our friends that we look great, see celebrities like Mindy Kaling encouraging all to wear a bikini, or read the good word about being fit and healthy at any size on a random blog (welcome to my random blog!) – but the haters will still be there. Body shaming, making fat comments, and generally being horrible people who are probably insecure themselves.

All I can do is offer one more message on the vote of confidence side. I don’t care what size you are, I won’t judge you for wearing a swimsuit.

So do it. Get in your swimsuit and enjoy summer before it’s gone.

Had you seen the Fargo Voxxy girls’ video I linked to earlier, before reading about it here? Do you identify with any of these messages – worrying about being judged, missing out on fun in favor of staying covered up, or not even going outside at all? What could happen to make you feel more confident in a swimsuit?

The comments are your space to share thoughts so please do so. Or, connect with me @lindsayinreallife on Instagram or @LindsayIRL on Twitter.


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