“Skip the diet and just eat healthy” 


It’s finally here – Natural Grocers in Fargo!

Healthy eating is tough to define as a one-size-fits-all concept. Everyone’s body and genetics are different, and everyone’s goals are different. But there are some pretty basic principles all should follow like: Eat less processed foods and eat more fruits, veggies, lean proteins and low-fat dairy. Drink less soda and high-sugar drinks, drink more water. That type of stuff.

If you’re still unsure and you live in Fargo, you’re in luck! Natural Grocers is now open. I had the opportunity to attend a special sneak peek luncheon today with my pal, Mallory aka: @kjsfitmomma on Instagram. Side note, if you don’t know about her go to her website. Read her story (or the note I wrote her). If you’re having a day where feel like you’re not making progress, feel like it’s too hard to eat right or are just being a whiny bitch, get inspired by her and man/woman up!

Okay, back to Natural Grocers. This is unlike any grocery store I’ve ever been to, certainly unlike anything we currently have in Fargo. Beyond a huge variety of good, healthy food, it offers organic food (if you’re into that), gluten-free food (if you have Celiac disease), and a ridiculously large variety of vitamins, supplements, and health and beauty products.

Here are the highlights from my visit today:


Protein – oh, so much protein!

1. NG’s mission is to offer products that are safe and healthy – as such, there’s a list of foods, supplements and health care items they refuse to carry (that could potentially eat into profits or limit clientele – you’ve gotta respect that commitment!)
2. Healthy cooking and informative seminars offered weekly in-store
3. Opportunities for certified employees to conduct demos and seminars in the community
4. Store employs a Credentialed Nutrition Health Coach
5. Employees receive above-average pay, great discounts and more unique perks
6. Fundraising drives are held that benefit local food banks and other non-profits
7. When you bring reusable bags, $.05 for every bag is donated to our local food bank
8. And – the big one – Affordable prices! (Mallory and I both did some comparisons with a few other local stores to confirm this.)


Not until after I devoured most of it did I think to capture a pic of this delightful meal.

The only negative I could come up with? There was a pretty limited selection of fresh, grab-and-go type foods for lunch. That being said, I found a Greek-inspired lunch box of Dolmas, falafel bites, mini pitas and hummus. It was so good, I ate more than half before it dawned on me to take a pic of it.

If you go, keep in mind that the store’s commitment to green practices extends to bags – as in, bags aren’t offered. You must bring your own (and you should!) but if you do forget, there are recycled boxes you can use to haul your stuff. And, trust me, you’re gonna make a haul when you go!

Fargoans, feel free to comment or tweet me any questions about this exciting new store!! @runlikeagirl311 on Twitter


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