“There’s no wrong or right – just write.”

I love to write. Big shocker, I know. It’s more than just my love to write blogs and stories – I love writing myself notes. I love writing down my workouts. I love writing to-do lists (and checking off items – talk about really feelin the love!).

As a fan of the pen-to-paper life, I’ve been journaling in various ways for several years. Right now, I have two daily question-based journals and an exercise journal. Lately though, I’ve wanted to up my journaling game and my wellness game.

One of the reasons I love running and lifting is because both are forms of therapy for me – so too is writing. After finding a 2019 planner in the dollar section at Target (another shock, Target dollar section FTW!), I was ready to begin. I just needed to figure out exactly what to journal, aside from logging my daily workouts and rest days.


New journal, new goal for journaling

In addition to a typical calendar, this particular journal includes extra pages for each month, every day gets its own dedicated space and it’s organized into weeks. I started brainstorming ideas for what to journal about on a daily basis. I came up with a few wellness journal topics and decided I’d try to write down something every day each week that will help keep me on my path to wellness.

Here’s how the journal is currently set up:

Daily workout and rest day logging in the calendar portion. Then, on the weekly, blocked day pages:

-Reflect on the past week’s workouts

-Three things for which I’m grateful that week
(one kicker, I can’t let it be my son – because, c’mon, I’m grateful for him every damn day)

-A mid-week check-in of where I’m at with goals

-Three things I can’t control, but how I can respond to them (because that’s what I can control)

-The best thing I saw or heard that week

-Reflect on the past week’s eating and nutrition

Tuesdays I decided to leave flexible, allow me to include a rotating thought. I’ll use this space for things like a dream or memory recall, a cluster thought exercise, writing down what I’m doing to keep calm and collected that week, things like that.

I kicked off my new wellness journal last week and I’m looking forward to keeping it up and, hopefully, seeing some health, life, and stress management benefits from it.

More than that, my goal is, not only to write more, but to reflect more; to look back periodically on week’s past and try to learn something from my thoughts and feelings.

Do you keep a wellness journal? What are some wellness journal ideas you have? Or is there something similar that you try to write down every day, like a gratitude or meditation journal? The comments are meant for you so please leave me one, or tweet me @LindsayIRL.


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