“It’s not that I’m lazy…it’s that I just don’t care”

Fellow fans of the movie Office Space will recognize this blog’s kickoff quote as the wise words of the main character, Peter Gibbons. Without even realizing it, this quote became my inspiration for honesty in a recent situation.

I was chatting with coworkers about Halloween and the subject of kids’ costumes came up. For those who were expecting one of my typical Halloween blogs about eating all the candy, please enjoy it here. Mmmm, candy…anyway, one mom was talking about her daughter’s costume, while we all agreed how cute it sounded. I was then asked if I was dressing up Abel in a costume, to which I shook my head and mentioned a cute Halloween onesie I planned to have him wear to daycare.

I think this is just as cute as a costume

One of my coworkers said I must be too busy and just didn’t have time to plan a costume. The easy answer would have been to say yes, chalk it up to the busyness that goes with having a baby. But I paused for a minute and, in typical Lindsay fashion, gave an honest answer.

“It’s not that I’m busy, it’s that I just don’t care.”

Abel’s seven months old. He can’t walk or go trick-or-treating so there’s really no point to him wearing a costume. Don’t get me wrong, they can be cute, and I’m not knocking parents who dresses up their babies. But it doesn’t excite me enough to make the effort. And if Abel’s anything like Burton, he values the freedom of onesies and comfy pants, and would probably hate spending even a minute in anything resembling a Halloween costume.

I will for sure dress him in a Halloween costume some day, when he’s old enough to choose one and enjoy it. But, for now, it’s nothing I’m interested in doing. It’s not that I’m busy, it really is that I just don’t care.

I thought about this more and how it applies to wellness. I’ve always believed that those who choose to work out, eat healthy, meditate, or whatever wellness activity of their choosing do it because it’s important and it’s a priority. Skipping a workout isn’t something people do because they’re too busy; I think it’s because they just don’t care…maybe not to the full don’t-give-AF-level of Peter Gibbons, but not enough to really make the effort. And, just like I don’t care about a Halloween costume for my baby, it’s okay.

Thoughts? Do you agree with my new Office Space-inspired theory? Or am I being too black-and-white? Comment or tweet me, @LindsayIRL.


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