“Meal prep is the new fast food”

Something occurred to me recently. As a new mom, I’ve spent probably hundreds of hours breastfeeding. Up until I went back to work a few weeks ago, I pretty much breastfed exclusively, with the exception of the nighttime bottle we introduced so my husband could join in on the fun of feeding our son.

Liquid gold, folks – liquid gold

Since going back to work, my life changed from feeding on demand to pumping as regularly as I can. Pump, bag milk, freeze it for later – pretty standard stuff for most working moms.

As I was getting Abel’s bottles ready for daycare one day, pulling out bags of frozen milk from the freezer, it dawned on me – this is meal prepping at its finest!

My husband is a champion meal prepper, and I try to do a few things here and there but have had trouble devoting time to it since Abel’s arrival. Either way, meal prepping is definitely a staple in our household. Maybe that’s why I equate pumping and storing milk to meal prepping. If I can’t do it for myself, that’s okay. But I love that I’m doing it for my son. And, as many of us know, breastmilk is essentially liquid gold in a nutritional sense!

As for adult meal prepping, how many of you do it on a regular basis? What are your go-tos or best tips? Comment or tweet me @LindsayIRL. Or, share your meal prep winnings on Twitter or Instagram and use the hasthtag #wellirl.


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