“Stay positive and love your life.”

Have you ever had a really good workout…because of music? I have, it was a run last week. In fact, I can attribute a lot of great workouts to great tunes.


Ah, 311. So much love.

In related news, today, March 11, happens to be my favorite holiday. #311day is a day to celebrate my favorite band and its music.

In addition to many great memories, I owe some of my best workouts to 311. Today was no exception, as I knocked out a solid run and short, heavy lift.

While it’s true I don’t partake in the popular practice of running with music and headphones when I run outside, I count on good tunes to keep me going on my treadmill runs and encourage hard, heavy lifting. There’s definitely something to the power of music when working out.

What’s your favorite workout music? Give a shoutout in the comments or tweet me, @LindsayIRL.


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