“Count me.”

You know that feeling when you think you’re in pretty good shape – your workouts are challenging but doable and you feel like a badass after a really good sesh?

You know that feeling when you think you’re in pretty good shape, then you do a workout you’re not used to – and you feel like the most out-of-shape person and like you may die?


Good friends, a good sweat, and a good cause

Ah, yes, THAT feeling. I’ve had that feeling plenty of times in my life and, just today, got to enjoy the experience again as I took part in a charity cycling event for Giving Hearts Day.

I’m not embarrassed to admit that cycling is a weak point for me – even considering my thick, strong legs and butt. I essentially stopped doing triathlons, not so much because I suck at cycling, but because I legit do not enjoy it.

What I do enjoy, however, is competition and doing things for charity. Naturally, I was eager to participate in this event. Plus, last year we came in second place (UGH, the worst) and, being eight months pregnant at the time, I couldn’t go full-on, all-out – so I was determined to fully pull my own weight on the team this year.

I cycled. I cycled my ass off. I pushed the entire time, sweated like a mofo, and was exhausted at the end of the 10-minute ride. My team won our heat.

So, I may have felt less-than badass and more like I was getting my ass kicked, but it was a great sweat sesh and a great opportunity for me to mix up my workout. Plus, we raised some money and awareness for a great charity.

How often do you take the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and let your workout work you? What type of workout is that for you? Please share a comment or tweet me @LindsayIRL.


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