“Get into the spirit”

The ornaments are being released and the Hallmark Christmas movies are in full-force. Apparently Christmas in July is a big deal.

I’ve heard of Christmas in July but this is the first year I’m seeing how popular it is and how “into the Christmas spirit” people are getting. Maybe it’s easier to be jolly when it’s sunny and warm…


Don’t wait until the holidays – get going on your goals now.

Anyway, all these summer Christmas celebrations got me thinking about wellness – specifically, New Year’s Resolutions. If we’re celebrating Christmas in July, can we celebrate new wellness goals on August 1? If so, I’m onboard!

January is such a hard time to begin a healthy and well lifestyle. So why not get in on it early and start acting on your health and wellness goals right now. Whether you have fitness goals or workout goals or you want to commit to better eating or being more mindful, what a great time to start, when it’s beautiful outside, the days are long, and there’s all kinds of yummy fresh fruits and veggies available.

To help anyone interested in kicking off new wellness goals now, here’s an older blog post I wrote that might help to set yourself up for success: why health and fitness resolutions fail. Be ready to combat these with positivity and a plan!

What do you think about bringing health, fitness, and wellness into this whole Christmas in July fad? Are there any goals you’d like to get going on right away? The comments are yours so please leave one. Or connect with me on social: @LindsayIRL on Twitter or @lindsayinreallife on Instagram.


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