“Working out is a privilege”

I took a cycling class this morning. It wasn’t a typical spin class offered at the gym, rather a sweat-inducing, heart-pounding, muscle-fatiguing class at the local Cyclebar studio.

During one particularly challenging part of the class, Jodi, our instructor, shouted out something that I love – the quote you read at the beginning of this blog: “Working out is a privilege.”

Ainsley’s Angels always reminds me how fortunate I am to be able to run.

It really is, isn’t it? Too many times, many look at working out as something we have to do. But it’s something we get to do.

Sure, it can be tough. Many workouts are challenging. And some are downright exhausting. But every workout is an opportunity to treat ourselves to numerous health benefits. A chance to make ourselves feel better than if we didn’t do it. Something many of us take for granted that we have the ability to do. It really is a privilege.

Especially this time of year when we’re giving thanks and counting our blessings, while also rushing around to holiday parties, baking for cookie exchanges, and squeezing in all the shopping, let’s not forget the ability of our bodies and minds to be at their best, and the opportunity we have to get them there.

What are you thankful for this year? Comment or tweet me, @LindsayIRL. Share your wellness gratitude moments on Twitter and Instagram with the hasthtag #wellirl.


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