Special post: Top 5 Running Paths in Fargo

When it comes to having the best run, I am all about finding the best route. Some days that mean I can just head out my front door, other times that means taking the extra time to hit one of my favorite paths.


One of the best – Lindenwood Park

Throughout my years of running in Fargo, I have found myself on various running paths, some better than others. Scenery, adequate snow removal in the winter, quick access to a bathroom, all of these add to the enjoyment of a path. In my latest post for Fargo Mom, I take you on trek of my top five running paths in Fargo.

Grab some water, lace up your sneaks, and join me to run Fargo! As an added bonus, we are going to hop over to Moorhead and West Fargo for a few extra miles.

Do you have more great places to run in Fargo? Are you in need of motivation or help to get out and hit any of these paths? Connect with me @lindsayinreallife on Instagram or @LindsayIRL on Twitter. Subscribe to Wellness in Real Life for more on running, health, and wellness.


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