“I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 2(6.)2”

Today, Chris and I leave for Boston. Can’t wait for the sights, the food, the Red Sox, and the time with just me and him before we enter into wedded bliss – and of course, to run the Boston Marathon!!


Just the essentials.

The blog will be quiet until I’m back; hence the earlier-than-usual weekend entry. Expect a full race recap upon my return. In the meantime, I’ll be taking pics, some during the actual race, and sharing on Instagram and Twitter. I invite you to follow along!

Also, now that this chapter on the blog is coming to a close, it’s time to start a new one. I’m launching a new interview series on the blog and am super excited about it. Each month, I’ll have a new interview with someone awesome in the fitness world. I have some amazing people lined up – a first-time half marathon runner, a popular blogger who’s a fellow dog lover, an Ironman-in-training, and, this one might be my personal favorite: an Olympic runner! That one will be just in time for the Summer Olympics. I’ll keep the series going as long as people like it and as long as I have interviewees so please share your feedback and, if you’re interested in being featured, contact me, post a comment, or tweet me.

As I prepare for the biggest race of my life, I of course have some thank yous to share.

To My Family:
First, to my mom. You’ve been one of my biggest supporters since I began running. You were there for my very first race 10 years ago, and have showed up to every marathon since, most half marathons, even some 10ks, 5ks and triathlons. Even when I messed up the time and you and pops showed up 20 minutes after I had already finished a race, you were still excited to be there. This goes to my dad and stepmom too, who have understood that my life often revolves around running. And my extended family and siblings, for the encouragement – even though you probably think I’m crazy.

To My New Family:
My soon-to-be in-laws. The cards, the encouragement, the prayers and the love. I’m lucky to be marrying into such a great crew.


My BFF is a wife, mother, teacher & thinks I’m Wonder Woman. #loveher

To My Friends:
For understanding why I can’t go out on Friday nights, why it’s so difficult to schedule dinners or weekend time with me, and for always being my cheerleaders – in fact, many of you are former cheerleaders! Special shoutout to Brandon, Brenton, Jenny and Shari for voluntarily getting up early, dragging your asses way up north of town, getting out onto the course and watching me run a marathon. And the biggest virtual high-five goes to Kristin for all the advice, encouragement, and endless answer of questions about Boston over the past three years.


A good luck card, complete with a Jimmy John’s gift card – they just get me.

To My Work Teammates:
I eat constantly at my desk. I drink so much water and pre-workouts I’m getting up to refill bottles and pee every 20 minutes. I consciously try not to talk about running all the time but I know I probably talk about running all the time. You guys are around me more than anybody and, not only do you put up with all my shenanigans, you encourage me. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people with which to live the cube life.

To Everyone Who Reads the Blog: 
Thank you for coming back every week to read about my crazy adventures and loudmouth opinions, my never-ending stories and glimmers of actual advice. Thank you for all the positive feedback, shoutouts on Twitter, and embracing all the photos of my dogs and my food. I love writing, for me, but knowing people out there read it, enjoy it and maybe learn something from it – that’s what keeps me wanting to make this blog the best running and fitness blog out there.

To Chris:
I can’t possibly list all the reasons why I need to thank you. I feel like I should try but the list would go on and on and I know I’d still forget something. So just, thank you for being my person.

And we’re off! See y’all next week!

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