It was supposed to be time for another round of #wednesdaywisdom, my monthly wellness, health, and fitness advice in a quick, easy-to-digest format, designed for maximum energy and inspiration.

But WordPress had other ideas, thus Wednesday Wisdom did not happen…so, instead, this month I’m bringing you #thursdaythoughts. Same idea, same wisdom, just a different name, different day.

As summer winds down but there are still plenty of nice days left, this month’s wellness wisdom is all about feeling good.


Yep, it’s still summer.

1. Controversy Over Nike’s Plus-Size Mannequin is What’s Wrong with Health and Fitness Perception
It’s more important to be healthy and fit than it is to look healthy and fit – and that can be different sizes. Furthermore, Nike’s plus-size mannequin is a smart marketing move. Period.

2. Tis the Season – Watch Out for Diet and Weight Loss Red Flags
Even though this blog was originally written for November, last-minute efforts to get that summer bod with diet and weight loss programs means it’s a good reminder to watch for red flags.

3. Please Feel Good and Wear a Swimsuit This Summer
It’s hot. It’s fun to be outside. It’s really hot. It’s fun to go swimming. And, oh yeah, it’s hot AF. So get in your fucking swimsuit, feel good, and enjoy the rest of these late summer days.

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