“Replace negativity with positivity.”

Goal-setting is among the best methods to stick with healthy habits for the long-term. A combination of small, short-term goals and larger, long-term goals can combine to keep up a healthy lifestyle.

Oh, how I love goals. Not shocking to anyone who has read this blog, even occasionally. With all the love I have for goals, certainly there’s no way a bad goal could exist…is there?

Good Goal or Bad Goal
When digging deeper into goal-setting, there is something that separates a goal from more likely to achieve and not so likely to achieve. And it’s not what one might think.


Positive vibes from 311 & a bestie.

Surely, setting a goal to lose 5 pounds in a month is more realistic than losing 25 pounds in a month. But that’s not what I’m talking about. This isn’t about a good, realistic goal vs. a bad, unrealistic one. And I’m certainly not in a position to tell anyone their goal is bad – if your goal is to lose 25 pounds in a month and you have a solid strategy to do so, I’ll be here with high-fives.

What I’m talking about is one simple rule everyone can apply to goals to make them more achievable: Positivity.

Positive Thoughts Make a Difference
Mindset matters. A positive mindset compared to a negative one can make a big difference in virtually every aspect of our daily lives. In a recent blog, I shared how to have a better run by finding the positive moment (there’s always something). For this reason, positivity is key in attaining goals.

Specifically, positivity focused on yourself. My favorite band, 311, is all about positivity – they sing about it, they live it, and they’re so right on. Whenever we set goals or are looking to improve, it’s so easy to start the conversation with a negative thought. Ugh, I suck at planning ahead meals. Damn, why can’t I get my ass to the gym after work.

When setting goals, try not to point out something negative about yourself. Instead, turn it around and give the goal a positive vibe.


Having fun & working out with friends – keepin it positive.

Keep It Positive
For example, here are a few different ways one could look at the two areas of self-improvement noted above.

1. Instead of this as the basis for a goal:
I will stop being so last-minute with meals.

Try this:
I will work on better planning and prepping for meals.

From there, you could set a SMART goal, like:
I will plan ahead and prep at least two

Another example.

2. Instead of this:
I need to stop being so lazy after work and get to the gym.

Try this:
I will focus my energy and plan ahead to go straight to the gym after work instead of going home.

The SMART goal could then be:
I will go to the gym after work for at least 30 minutes, at least three times this week.

Healthy and Happy
It’s simple, yes. But goals are meant to reinforce healthy, positive changes. And healthy starts within ourselves. Let’s not use goals as another opportunity to beat ourselves up – pretty sure most of us do that enough already, amiright?

Let’s instead use goals to harness positive vibes and energy. Is it a guarantee that a positive mindset will help everyone achieve their goals? Of course not…but why not try? There really isn’t anything to lose except negativity.

Do you try to put positive emphasis on your goals? Do you have any other tips that lend themselves to more successful goals?

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