It’s the first week of the month which means it’s a #wednesdaywisdom blog week. However, I’m going to be away at a conference this week so I wanted to post before I leave.

Last month, technical difficulties shook up Wednesday Wisdom and pushed it to #thursdaythoughts. If you missed that one, read now for stories about feeling confident and good about yourself. So let’s keep this party going – I bring to you #mondaymotivation.


Need motivation? I’ve got some thoughts for you.

Ironically, I’m not someone who believes in motivation. I believe we make choices – period. However, I know most (normal) people love the concept of motivation, and the encouragement and inspiration it brings. In that spirit, here are three quick workout motivation tips.

1. Six Reasons Why Health and Fitness Resolutions Fail
Read these six reasons why fitness resolutions fail to help avoid that same fate and set yourself up for success.

2. How to Make an Exercise Program Stick – Change Your Mindset
Looking for tips to create a healthy lifestyle? It doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t happen magically. A big piece of it comes down to a shift in mindset.

3. The Myth of Motivation
I had to. I couldn’t avoid a reminder that you can’t rely on motivation – you have to make good choices to be healthy, fit, and well. There is no secret to getting motivated. You either do shit or you don’t.

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