Special post: Winter running tips: What you need to run outside

“There is no bad weather, just bad layering.”


Layer up & get out there!

I am sure someone said this long before me but I’m not here to take credit for the quote. Rather, it’s my way to introduce something I can’t get enough of: winter running.

Yes, it can be enjoyable to run outside all winter long. All you need is the right gear and a good layering strategy.

In my latest post for Fargo Mom, I break down all the winter temps – including below zero – and share my top gear must-haves, as well as a layering strategy for every occasion. Click and read the full post to learn what gear to get and how to layer to run outside in the winter.

What are your running tips and must-haves for getting outside in the winter? Is there anything you especially love about winter running? Please share a comment here or on the Fargo Mom blog.

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