Special post: A Running Mom’s Guide to 3 Races in Fargo

Races are baaaacccckkkk!!

Whew, sorry just a moment of pure joy from a runner who had a hard time giving up races last year.

Fargo _Half_Marathon

One of my favorites – Go Far Woman (photo used with permission from Go Far Woman)

As much as I prefer running in the winter, I have to acknowledge why summer is a great time to run. The days are longer. The only layering to worry about is sunscreen. The Vitamin D and sunlight are great for the body and mind. And you get those sweet shorts, tank top and sock tan lines. Wait, no not that, but the other reasons are great.

One of the other reasons I love summer running is because there are so many late summer and early fall races. In my latest post for Fargo Mom, I break down three of my favorite local, upcoming races – and I do it thru a special lens: a mom’s perspective.

For those looking to take the plunge and sign up for your first race or you seasoned racers who are eager to get back on the start line, have a read: A Running Mom’s Guide to 3 Races in Fargo.

I hope to see you out there on the start line!

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