“Fashion, turn to the left. Fashion, turn to the right”

In early May, I had a pretty cool opportunity. My running pal, Jake, who’s also an Ironman and has been featured on the blog, approached me about working with lululemon in Fargo. And when I say “working with” what I mean is demoing some running clothes and providing my feedback.

lululemon Fargo is having a grand re-opening this fall.

While I had only just begun getting back into running, of course I was onboard – and pumped. I mean, how cool, right? Getting asked to participate in anything running-related is always awesome, plus I had been wanting to try out lululemon stuff since the store arrived in Fargo but when I was pregnant I knew nothing would fit well. Even after having baby Abel, things still don’t fit great and I’ve been busier than usual…

Anyway, schedule and still-a-bit-larger-sized-than-normal aside, I eagerly met with the manager and picked out a pair of shorts and a tank to test out. After running much more regularly now, training for my first half back post-baby, I’ve been able to get quite a few miles in them. Here’s what I have to say:

Tracker Short IV
These have become my go-to running shorts, my favorite pair, my must-wear for long runs. The fabric is light and moves well (no chafing!), while giving a loose enough fit to be comfortable around my giant quads. There’s a little pocket on the side which I haven’t used yet but I could see being handy during a race (perfect size for a gel).

Breeze By Muscle Tank II
While my lululemon shorts are close to running perfection, the tank top hasn’t been the best fit for me – literally. I love the fabric and the feel, but the design isn’t ideal for my body shape. The design includes a thick elastic band at the bottom which, for someone slim, likely sits perfectly. I have a larger midsection and butt, so the tank rode up and bounced as I ran. The good news is, because it’s super-comfy and breathable, it will become a great go-to lifting tank for the gym.

Even though I’m a believer in function over form, it’s always nice to have workout clothes that are practical and still look good, and lululemon stuff definitely looks great. I know most people probably tend to choose based on looks versus practicality so I think that’s worth mentioning.

Runners, have you tried lululemon? What pieces do you love? Comment below or tweet me @LindsayIRL.


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