“There’s wisdom of the head and wisdom of the heart.”

Wow, if you love alliteration, you’re probably losing it over the title of this wellness blog post.

Last week, a random thought while running got me thinking about the stories I share on this blog. While all are rooted in my opinions and experiences, I do believe there’s a good dose of solid advice – even a little wisdom – in most as well.


Lots of my wisdom comes from eating Reese’s. It’s true.

In that spirit, I’m launching a new feature on the blog. A quick ‘round-up’ style post that takes some of my favorite, reader favorite, or top-of-mind posts and breaks them down into a sentence or two. Quick bits of Wednesday Wisdom in a short, easy read.

Because this thought came to me randomly while running – this happens a lot and it’s fantastic; it’s also why I don’t run with headphones – I missed kicking it off on the first Wednesday of this month.

But good ideas are good ideas, no matter when they happen, so I’ll get things going this Wednesday. Fun fact: this Wednesday is also my birthday. Between free food, a run, and a new blog post, I’ll be about as happy as they come.

In the meantime, a quick reminder to new readers or those who have read a few stories: My thoughts, opinions, and wisdom are all based on experience. I’m self-taught in the wellness world; I have no formal training. If you’re looking for like-minded wisdom from an actual professional in the industry, I suggest following my pal, @JoeFitness on Twitter or @JoeFitness on Facebook.

Please let know if there are questions or topics I can address with a #wednesdaywisdom blog or in a new, full blog. The comments are all yours to ask questions, share ideas, or, you know, just leave a comment – so do it, please! Or, connect with me on Twitter @LindsayIRL.


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