Special post: New Year’s Resolutions: Are You Setting Up for Failure?

Not one, but TWO posts dedicated to New Year’s Resolutions? And both positive ones to boot? Who is this writer and what has she done with NYR-hater, Lindsay??

Lins and her oldest son doing stretches together

Make a resolution because of something you want to do that will improve your life – not something you “need” to fix.

Still me, folks. This holiday season, I wrote two blogs about achieving New Year’s Resolutions – one for wellirl.com about a New Year’s Resolution you can achieve, and one for Fargo Mom. You can check out the one for Fargo Mom, a different way to approach New Year’s Resolutions, which looks at one, key factor that is often missing from them: positivity.

Whether you’re still thinking about making a New Year’s Resolution or you’re already guns blazin on yours, take a pause. Step back. Consider the change you’re making and look at it thru a positive lens.

Read the full post on Fargo Mom and please let me know what you think! Also, if you made a positive New Year’s Resolution, please share it.

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