“And now I’ll do what’s best for me”

Last week, something kind of crazy happened. Something that hasn’t happened in, I can’t even remember how long. The kind of thing I don’t allow to happen because I’m a super-disciplined, high-achieving, schedule-driven nut.

I didn’t post a new blog last Sunday.

Eeekkk, it’s true?! Yes, after weeks, months, even years of faithful weekly posting on Sundays, I didn’t post a new blog last Sunday.

One advantage of a big belly – a good spot for a baby

At first I chalked it up to one of two things. First, I mainly write about working out, running, and lifting, with the occasional inspiring wellness or healthy food-related post peppered in. At 36 weeks pregnant now, working out has become tougher for me, which makes it more challenging to write. When I say tougher, I mean it literally; my belly literally makes it tougher to do anything, from picking up weights to putting on my shoes for my workout – you read that right, my biggest challenge these days isn’t lacking energy or feeling strong, it’s putting on my damn shoes.

Quick pause – I love my giant belly. I love hauling it around. I love that it gets in my way. I love that it makes putting on pants and socks an event and challenge of Olympic proportions.

As far as healthy eating, I’m still doing pretty well there – but it’s now baby-focused eating vs. eating to run of lift. And in terms of general wellness, again, everything is so baby-centric, it’s tough to find a recent experience or something general to write about.

Got my mind on someone else these days, too

If not writer’s block, the second thought I had is my priorities are changing. The weekend was busy with baby showers, baby laundry, basically a lot of things baby.

But then I realized it’s not even that. It’s something we all deal with, all the time. Something I haven’t had to deal with much in the past several years but something that’s going to change dramatically: my routine.

I’m such a structured, routine-based person. Part of that is this blog. Sunday is always blogging day. Looking ahead at being a working mom, I have a feeling Sunday, and weekends in general, are going to be all about family time, not long workouts and blogging time. That means I have to dedicate a different time in my week to the blog or be okay with not posting every week like clockwork. I’m a morning person, maybe I’ll get up a little earlier on a certain day of the week. Who knows, but I’ll figure it out. Just as I’ll figure out how to fit fitness into my life when there’s a little one that needs me first.

It’s like that saying goes, if it’s important, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse. Writing is important for me, actually, in a lot of the ways fitness is important to me. While it may not be the same as it was before, it’ll still remain part of life.

What’s a recent disruption to your wellness routine you’ve dealt with lately? How did you make the adjustment to get back on track? Comment below or tweet me @LindsayIRL.


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