“If you need a reason”

I think, as a general statement, people like to feel as though they have their lives in order. Along those same lines, I believe everyone has those moments they feel as though they don’t have it all together and, in those times, we search for ways to find that sense of control.

Now for confession time. I love feeling like I have control of my life. I’m very Type A so when I don’t feel this way, I struggle. I’d say in my 30s is when I really got a hold on this. And, while I’d have my share of weeks where things would get away from me, I typically felt like I had my shit together. Then I became a mom.

Sharing my love of running with Abel every chance I get

In the weeks after I had my son, I realized I was no longer in control. I no longer had my schedule or my time. And while, deep down I knew it wasn’t always going to be that way, especially to the extreme that a newborn brings, they were tough weeks.

Around week 8 or 9 of his life, we started to get into a rhythm and I started feeling back in control. A lot of this had to do with him finally learning to sleep and getting over a lengthy growth spurt. But also around this time, I began running regularly again.

I’m not exactly sure why but running makes me feel like I have my life in control. I thought about it today, a few miles into my 10k. Maybe it’s because I feel like, if I’m taking the time to run, it means work, the house, and my guys are well taken care of. Maybe it’s the famous “runner’s high” that I get more often than not. Maybe it’s the simple fact that I feel good about what I’m doing and that makes me feel like I have it together.

I think I’m probably the last person who needs another reason to love running; I already love running for several reasons, including the weight and stress management aspects. Now I’ve found another perk.

What makes you feel like you have your life in control? Exercise or perhaps something else? Comment or tweet me, @LindsayIRL.


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