“I think I’ll go to Boston” 


And it still didn’t sink in.

The Boston Marathon is only four weeks away. I’ll say that again – the Boston Marathon is only FOUR WEEKS AWAY. Eeekkk! On one hand, it still hasn’t fully sunk in for me that I’m running it. I mean, I’ve been training for several weeks now and I’m in full marathon mode. But the fact that this is the race I’m working towards, that I get to be part of the 120th Boston Marathon is still so surreal. I have a feeling that’s going to stay with me when I pick up my race packet, line up at the start line, and even after I cross the finish line.

On the other, I’ve been training for several weeks now and I’ve reached the point where I’m ready, excited and nervous – pretty typical pre-marathon feelings for me. So with my biggest week coming before the taper (yes, I still loathe the taper – funnily enough, last year’s taper in particular had some ties to the Boston Marathon), I’ve decided to focus some of that nervous energy on my mental health. More mindfulness and meditation, as well as some of the fun that comes with a trip to Boston!


Last year, we did Wrigley. This year we’re doing Fenway!

We have our Red Sox tickets but, other than that, I’m still figuring out the fun things to do and places we have to go see – anyone who lives in Boston or knows the area well, please send me any recommendations of what I need to do when I’m there!

With that, I’m going to start researching my eating strategy – and by strategy, I mostly mean finding a Jimmy John’s for my pre- and post-race lunch (a marathon tradition for me), a good, simple place for my night-before dinner, and a bunch of other must-visit places to fill in the rest of the week. Again, anyone who has suggestions, please let me know.

A final note, I’d like to share a few of my favorite blogs from – you guessed it – my time spent in Boston last year:

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Side note, it’s now officially spring! Hope everyone has a great week.

Those of you who’ve run the Boston Marathon – any advice for a first-timer?

And again to anyone who knows the area, don’t forget to send me any must-see things to do in Boston! Please comment or tweet me @runlikeagirl311 on Twitter.


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