“Write what you know”

Ever since I started blogging four and a half years ago (that’s a long time but it feels like even longer!) I’ve enjoyed it. I love to write, and I love to run, work out, and be well – and, most of all, I love to write about things I love to do – such as running, working out, and wellness.

In addition to writing about things I love to do, one of the reasons I believe blogging continues to be a positive experience for me is that I write what I know – again, enter running, working out, and wellness. Which brings me to something new that I know and my topic of this post.

Maybe I should have Abel become my blogging assistant…

When I announced I was pregnant late last year on the blog, I clearly stated this wouldn’t become a mommy blog. While it hasn’t, totally, I’ve realized it’s unavoidable to a certain degree.

I’m a mom now. It’s perhaps one of the biggest roles I’ll play in life so it’s natural that it has become a big part of who I am. I may not know it all but it’s my new normal. As a writer who writes what I know, it’s also only natural a lot of my posts have a parenting twist.

While I do my best to keep my thoughts from being completely parent-wellness-focused for my non-parent readers, it’s not always possible. This is now who I am, this is now what I know.

For those of you who have read this blog awhile and are still here, thank you. I hope you still find good info, humor, and enjoyment in the reading. And for those of you who come across this blog searching topics like, “Is it safe to work out when I’m pregnant?” or “Getting back to running after having a baby,” welcome! This is going to be a great place for you now, too.

What’s something major in your life that has altered the way you look at fitness and wellness? Please share it in the comments or tweet me at @LindsayIRL.


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