Today is my birthday. I am forty!


Pro-aging NOT anti-aging.

While many people who reach this milestone like to say they’re turning 39 one more time or, worse, wishing to be 29 again, I am proud to be another year older and another year wiser. Better yet, I am excited for a new decade with new experiences.

With the big 4-0 on the docket this year, I recently wrote an article for Fargo Mom sharing one of my biggest unpopular opinions: positivity around getting older.

Check out the full article on Fargo Mom or, if nothing else, consider this thought that really sums up what it’s all about:

Aging is something to embrace, not curse. Getting older should be celebrated, not dreaded. And taking another trip around the sun deserves to be met with feelings of gratitude, not fear.

That’s enough for now. Until next time,


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