I’m Lindsay. Some may still know me as Run Like a Girl 311. While that’s no longer my blog, I’m the same girl from Fargo, North Dakota who loves to share stories about running, eating, lifting, workout peeves, and general shenanigans. Most of all, I hope you know me as someone who keeps it real – and that’s exactly what this site, Wellness in Real Life, is all about.

No matter your definition of wellness, it’s not always a pretty picture. Some days suck. Diets are the worst. And working out takes…well, work. So you won’t find fitness rah-rah, 21-day-fix-type bullshit here. Just all about balance, sustainability, and occasional cursing – you know, real life.

One big change is that I recently became a mother in real life. My son is awesome and he’s a life-changer. I write what I know, so Wellness In Real Life now also includes a parenting aspect – because, the struggles of maintaining it all are even harder with children. Also in real life I’m a public relations specialist, an old musical soul, a sports fan, and a wife. I can’t forget my fur babies, Blitz the Lab and Burton the Bug, who you might recognize as my four-legged running pal. Finally, I’m a vegetarian with a mild Reese’s addiction, a member of the Twin Cities and Lost Dog Pacers, and an Ainsley’s Angels charity runner. Read, run, and keep it real, friends.

 I really, really love food


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