I’m Lindsay. You may know me as Run Like a Girl 311 – and I’m still the same girl from Fargo, North Dakota who loves to share stories and advice about running, eating, lifting, workout peeves, and general shenanigans. Most of all, I hope you know me as someone who keeps it real – and that’s exactly what this new site, Wellness in Real Life, is all about.

No matter your definition of wellness, it’s not always a pretty picture. Some days suck. Diets are the worst. And working out takes…well, work. So you won’t find fitness rah-rah, 21-day-fix-type bullshit here. Just all about balance, sustainability, and occasional cursing – you know, real life.

In addition to an advocate for ongoing wellness, in real life I’m a public relations specialist, an old musical soul, and a sports enthusiast. I’m also mama to two dogs, Blitz the Lab, and Burton the Bug, who you might recognize as my four-legged running pal. Finally, I’m a vegetarian with a mild Cheez-It addiction, a member of the Twin Cities Pacers, and an Ainsley’s Angels charity runner. Get to know me and my mission to spread the word of wellness in real life.

 I really, really love food


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