Sandwiches & Wraps

Great options for lunch and dinner.

Veggie Egg Wrap 

Protein-Packed Wrap

Light, yet filling and good protein

Simple and delicious with a solid serving of protein, I make these for lunch often.

What You Need:
(Makes 1 Serving)
Egg – 1 large or 1/2 cup Muscle Egg or Egg Beaters
Low-Fat Sliced Cheese – 1 slice (your choice)
Avocado – 1/8, mashed
Fresh Spinach – 1 small handful
Baby Tomatoes – approx. 5, cut in half
Kalmata Olives – approx. 5, cut in half
Whole Grain or Flax Wrap – 1 (I like Flat Out!)

Chop all veggies, set aside
Scramble 1 egg
*Note: I have this simple, yet amazing gadget that looks like a small piece of Tupperwear and microwaves eggs in 1 minute. I use this and it creates a scrambled consistency.
Top egg with slice of cheese, allow it to melt a bit
Meanwhile, smear the wrap with avocado
Add all ingredients and roll into a wrap

Peek-a-Boos with Baby Grilled Cheese 


Embrace your inner grilled-cheese-lovin-kid

Sometimes I enjoy eating like a child. Simple, easy and yummy. Peek-a-Boos combine one of my favorites, sloppy eggs and toast, with another childhood flashback, the grilled cheese.

What You Need: (Makes 2 sandwiches)
Wheat bread – 4 slices (I opt for light wheat so it’s not such a heavy meal)
Eggs – 2 large
Slice cheese – 1, whatever you like
Butter or margarine

Heat a large skillet over medium+ heat
Make two sandwiches with the bread, then using a small glass or eyeballing it, cut out a small hole in the center of each
Separate bread and butter the outsides
Place one sandwich in the pan, crack one egg in the middle
Let cook a couple minutes, until the bread becomes crispy
Carefully flip, then cook on the other side
Repeat with second sandwich and egg
Meanwhile, take the bread cutouts, butter the outsides and place ½ the slice of cheese in each
Grill in the pan, just a minute or two on each side
Use both sandwiches to sop up the runny egg that you’ll get – if you cook it just right!

Garden Burger Ranchurritos 

Garden Burger Ranchurritos

The freshness of a garden salad with the slight twist of a bean burrito

I love a good veggie burger, spicy black bean varieties among my faves. Rather than always sandwich it between a typical bun (bread or lettuce) I like to find creative ways to incorporate them into other meals – lunch and dinner.

Black Bean Veggie Burger – 1/2, any brand (Boca makes a good one,)
Flour Tortilla – 1 burrito size
Shredded Cheese – >1/4 cup, Mexican variety
Light Ranch Dressing – 1 tbsp
Cilantro, salt and pepper – Dashes (if desired)
Extras – To your liking: shredded lettuce, tomato, black olives, avocado

Cook burger on grill or stove per package directions (about 5-10 minutes)

Slice veggies, shred lettuce and mash avocado
Warm tortillas in microwave, about 10 seconds each
Smear each with avocado, sprinkle with cilantro, salt and pepper (if desired)

When burger is cooked, slice it up one half and place on the tortilla
(refrigerate the other half for later use)
Fill with remaining ingredients and top with ranch dressing

Grilled Caprese Sandwich 


I use a special pan, just to get the supercool grill marks

Like a caprese salad but filling and with the carbs I need to fuel workouts.

What You Need: (Makes 1 sandwich)
Wheat bread – 2 slices
Sliced Mozzarella – 2 Slices
Sliced Tomatoes – About 4 slices
Basil Leaves
Oregano, Garlic – About 1 tbsp each
Salt & Pepper – Dashes
Pizza Sauce – 2 to 4 tbsp
Olive Oil – 1 tbsp

Heat a skillet with olive oil over medium heat
Spread pizza sauce on each slice of bread
Sprinkle oregano, garlic and salt & pepper on each slide of bread
Place one slice of cheese on each slice
Place sliced tomatoes on each slice
Place basil on one slice of bread, then put that one on the stove, open-face up
Place other slide of bread on top to create one sandwich on the stove
Let cook a few minutes, then flip
Flip again as needed to get cheese melty and cook thoroughly

Quinoa Humpy Dumpy Burger 


A veggie burger & eggs equals no-fail

This one’s the epitome of simple and, really, any type of veggie burger can be used – but it’s another way to combine some good proteins together and switch up your traditional veggie burger or simple scrambled eggs. This is one veggie burger where you’ll want to use an actual bun (not a lettuce bun) and I typically add a sweet potato or mixed veggies on the side to complete the meal.

What You Need: (Makes 1 burger)
Veggie Burger – 1 (I used Morningstar Farms Quinoa and Garlic burger but you could use any type or even make your own)
Bun – 1
Egg – 1
American Cheese Slice – 1

Grill veggie burger about 6-8 minutes, turning once
Butter the insides of the bun and place that on the grill for 2ish minutes
Meanwhile, fry one egg over medium+ heat
On the bun, place burger, then cheese then top with the egg




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