“I’m glad we live in a world where there are Octobers”

Fall is the cool kid on the block. Not since summer has a season been so popular, loved and anticipated than fall.


People love fall. I get it.

People love fall. Sweater weather and football, crisper air and pumpkin everything, Halloween and horror movies. Yes, the secret’s out: People love fall.

Me, I’m a winter gal. It’s my favorite season, it always has been and probably always will be. But fall is a close second. And when it comes to running, it doesn’t get any better than October.

In honor of the first week of October, my five reasons why October is the best month for running.

Super Cool
Not cool as in hip and awesome, cool as in relief from the sweaty, swassy, often unbearable months that are summer. I love winter running because of the straight-up cold factor and how much better I feel running in the cold than heat. But October is even better because 1) no layering, 2) no ice, 3) no worries of un-shoveled sidewalks derailing my route.

Added bonus, I can do a full run with Burton by my side, unlike July when I have to do part of it, come home for him, then finish up the last mile or two because that’s all his furry, overheated lil body can handle.


Burton gets a little scared to run in the dark. 

Not Dark
While the daylight is shorter in October, it’s not yet to the point of still-dark-at-7a.m. and already-dark-at-5p.m. I can get home after work, get myself and Burton ready, and get in an hour-plus run before dark.

Love Leaves
Is there anything better than fall colors on the trees and the crunch of leaves beneath your feet? Whether it’s full-on trails or just through a neighborhood, the sights and scenery that come with October trees make the miles so much more enjoyable.

Good Smells
Where I live, harvest is in full swing. That combined with the crisper air comes wonderful smells. Many crops are completed by the time October rolls around – but sugarbeets? Well, I like the smell of sugarbeets.

I’m Fast
I suck at running in the heat. Needless to say my speed takes a big dive June through August. As summer winds down, I’m able to start running faster again. September is always a little rough while I get back to where I’ve been but I really start to “hit my stride” so to speak by October.

What’s your favorite season – running or just in general? Why – running-related or in general? Comment below or tweet me @runlikeagirl311.


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