“Dogs are not our whole life but they make our lives whole”

Most people know I enjoy running with my dog, Burton. In the past few months, I’ve also adopted another occasional running buddy, Blitz. Yep, another dog.

It’s true, I love dogs. They’re wonderful, sweet creatures and bring so much positivity into life. Plus, they’re good for your health too. I’m not making this up! There’s oodles of research out there that proves owning a dog provides a ton of health benefits, mental and physical.

I was thinking about this on my run today – well, on both my runs today. Allow me to explain. Burton and Blitz are what I’d call, highly energetic dogs. They’re also both really strong and fast so I sadly can’t take them running together. Instead, I often go for two runs, one with each dog.

But anyway, back to my runs. They ended up being pretty great! Nice, chilly morning, legs felt good and the miles went by really fast. Something about splitting a typical 6-miler into two 3-milers made it seem shorter. But the best part of running today was that I almost didn’t.

You're not just going to sit there all day, are you?

You’re not just going to sit there, are you?

See, I was having one of those mornings where I just didn’t really feel like running. We’ve all been there, right? For me, I was home alone (for those who aren’t familiar with the North Dakota/Minnesota area, this weekend marked the opener of deer hunting season) so I got caught up enjoying coffee and some DVR, then started feeling guilty for being a bum so I decided to do some cleaning, then before I knew it the morning was nearly gone and I hadn’t made it out the door to run yet. It would have been really easy to blow it off in favor of a million other things I wanted to get done today but, luckily for me, B&B weren’t having it. Both were being their usual, energetic selves, and kept looking at me as if to say, “Aren’t we going running today?” I knew they needed to burn some energy and, deep down, I knew I’d be happier and feel better if I went running. So I layered up, laced up and headed out, first with Burton, then with Blitz. It was great.

That’s the thing about dogs. They don’t let you slack off. They remind you that running is fun, it’s freeing and it really is the best part of your day. The same rules apply to walking. I’ve had tons of bonus cardio moments just taking each dog for a walk. Dogs remind you to get up and get moving – they’re kind of like personal trainers. Other than the fact they nap excessively and are willing to eat just about anything.

Fellow dog lovers, has your furry friend helped keep you in shape? Comment or tweet me @runlikeagirl311.


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