“Suck it up”

A couple months ago, I posted a blog about cupping massage. After seeing the round, bruise-like marks on Michael Phelps at the 2016 Olympics, I was curious as to what caused them. After my friend, KJs Fit Momma tried cupping massage, my interest was further piqued. Now I’m happy to say I’ve experienced a cupping massage for myself.

Most people after cupping…

I was treated to a cupping massage by local expert, Dan Senn, owner of Strength Training and Massage by Dan Senn MS, LMT, CSCS. He used mostly glass cups, which felt better than the silicone ones (he let me try both), and the moving/rolling strategy on my lower back and right hamstring, and the parking method on my right foot – yep, my fellow runners, you can get your feet cupped!

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but it felt…different…than I woudl have thought. The funny thing is though, it felt exactly how it should based on Dan’s description. An initial feeling of tighness when the cup was applied, then a ‘sucking’ feel along each area as he moved it along.

I wouldn’t say it was relaxing like a normal massage but it was productive, more of a sports massage. While I’ve only had the one session and it’s too soon to know if cupping will be a regular therapy for me, I can say that my right hammy and foot feel noticeably better than my left side. My lower back felt better too, though it’s still a little sore from time to time – I’m fully back into marathon training so that’s likely why.

…me after cupping.

But the craziest part of my cupping experience? I didn’t get the dark circles, the hallmarks of cupping. And I have no idea why. A blessing in disguise, as the weekend after my massage was the start to the long Fourth of July holiday weekend and I was glad not to have to explain giant bruise-looking spots all over my backside.

What I did get was something Dan mentioned in my interview with him – light headed. His solution? Eat. Ha, you got it, sir.

Another thing Dan mentioned in the interview was his suggestion that anyone who’s interested in cupping should give it a try. I agree! I’m excited to go back again and, this time, have Dan work on my left side to see if I notice a difference there.

If you live in the Fargo area and are interested in trying cupping, contact Dan on Facebook.

Have you tried cupping? What did you think of it? Leave a comment or tweet me @lindsayIRL, or post your pics with hashtag #wellirl.


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