“Do something today that your future self will thank you for”

I interrupt my Favorite Things blog series to bring you this special notification – Marathon Season has begun! Today marks the official start to my marathon training program and, although the big day isn’t until May 9, I’m so nerdily excited to get to it and start working towards my best race to date. So excited, in fact, I couldn’t wait to bundle up and get outside to hit the pavement for my 7.5 miles – never mind it was 10 degrees with 20+ mile wind gusts.

Thank you, North Face. Couldn't have made it thru this one without you!

Thank you, North Face. Couldn’t have made it thru this one without you!

Yes, Mother Nature welcomed me back to Marathon Season in her typical January fashion. Despite the chill, eyelash icicles and brutal wind, I had a really great run. It was sunny, no ice or snowbanks to fight and I layered up really well.
(Side note: I have no affiliation with or obligation to North Face – the company doesn’t give me free products, discounts or pay for my race entries (though I would love any of that!) – but I have to give major props to the company for designing killer running gear. North Dakota gets some pretty brutal winter weather, today is a shining example of that, and that wind would have been miserable without my beloved wind-resistant jacket.) Sorry, back to running.

What also made my run enjoyable was the fact I was able to jump right in and knock out the mileage pretty easily. Although today was the official start to my program, I never really stop running throughout the rest of the year. It’s crucial to my weight and stress management, plus I genuinely enjoy it. And, I’ve found it’s really easy to fall out of running. I’ve worked so hard on my speed and endurance over the years, I hate to see all the work go to waste. I can’t imagine having to start all that work over with every new race season.

As such, I kind of have this unspoken rule that I always want to be in good enough shape to run a 10k – not necessarily race it but at least run it and complete it without feeling like I may pass out. Even if I don’t have a specific race I’m training for, I still keep that in my mind as a goal. Something to keep me motivated til the next race comes along. And when that time does come, I’m always so thankful that I’ve kept up the hard work so I don’t feel like I’m starting all over.

And now, here we are. Back to Marathon Season. It seems not that long ago I was writing about the post-marathon blues, now it’s already time for Saturday morning long runs and Friday rest days. For my amount of laundry to double, thanks to all the cold-weather layers. For the return of my daily struggle of trying not to eat copious amounts of food and my inevitable caving and eating copious amounts of food. For sleeping in compression socks. Ah, feels so good to be back!

What goals are you working towards right now, what’s motivating you? Comment or tweet me @runlikeagirl311.


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