“Give yourself a break now and you just might do even better later”

I’m hitting the road tomorrow for a Twins game at Target Field followed by a long weekend at the lake – perfect way to spend some summer days with friends and family. The blog will be quiet for a few days so wanted to take the opportunity now to wish you all a Happy Independence Day.

I also wanted to remind everyone to keep your health in mind this weekend. Holidays always present a ton of temptation and the Fourth is no exception. Liquid calories, tons of food everywhere and exercise is not at all on the brains of most. And that’s okay – everyone deserves a vacation from the typical gym/food prep/calorie conscious routine. Breaks help us recharge and get re-energized for new goals. That being said, it’s important not to go too crazy. Remember how hard you’ve worked this year! In addition to tons of sundresses and sunscreen, I always like to take with me on vacation a few notes to keep myself in check.

On the exercise end of the spectrum, I remind myself every little bit counts. A 15-minute walk after the family barbecue is better than nothing! I also enjoy tossing bean bags, playing water volleyball and throwing the Frisbee – it’s fun and the activity all adds up.

As for the food side of things, I try to give myself a break and allow myself some indulgences. But there are also plenty of healthy, delish foods that are – bonus – still patriotic! Just remember the Red, White and Blues:

Enjoy life - & a big bowl of cherries

Enjoy life – & a big bowl of cherries

Cherries – In-season, good for you and easy to eat outdoors
Strawberries – These can be added to tons of yummy fourth-inspired desserts
Tomatoes – Top off your burger, make a tasty caprese salad or sprinkle a little salt and pepper on one and eat it like an apple

Cauliflower – Raw with a little veggie dip, cooked with light cheese sauce or even mashed with a little butter to mimic mashed potatoes, cauliflower is a great snack or side
Eggs – I’ll scramble a few for a protein-packed breakfast or hardboil a bunch to have on hand for a quick snack
Popcorn – Who doesn’t love an easy-to-eat, salty snack? Swapping potato chips for popcorn satisfies the salt fix with less fat and calories

Blueberries – Like strawberries, these are easy to add to holiday-themed desserts or morning pancakes!
Blue raspberry popsicles – A staple treat of summer and a perfect way to keep calories in check while keeping the body cool
Eggplant – Okay, so this one’s a little more purple and a little less blue – but it’s a great sub for a burger on the grill

And Clear:
Water – Don’t forget to drink plenty of water! Whether you’re spending time outside, sweating in the gym or having a few adult beverages, remember to chug H2O as always.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

What are your plans for the holiday weekend? Do you have other tips to eat well and move your bod a little bit during vacations? Comment or tweet to me @runlikeagirl311.


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