“Sometimes you’ve gotta pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start over again”

Back from another HARD CHARGE event, aka another stressful, exhausting but overall fun week. Those of you who aren’t familiar with HARD CHARGE and the obstacle racing world in general, the photos say it all.

Just doin' my thing at HARD CHARGE

Just doin’ my thing at HARD CHARGE

Another week on the road also equals a week hiatus from blogging and running. Happy to say, I’m back to both now. And even happier, both of my runs since returning have been fantastic. Legs feel light and strong, and today I ran 6.2 miles on pace with my second-best 10k race ever.

One big difference is this trip landed during the start of my taper – anyone notice how I just put a positive spin on the otherwise awful taper?! Second major factor was I wasn’t away as long. On this trip, I took 7 days off running (minus the 4.2 mile run through the HARD CHARGE course last Friday). Last trip, it was 11 days. Clearly those extra few days matter. See, I nearly had a meltdown after I got back from my last trip. It was incredibly tough trying to pick up training where I left off – so tough in fact, there were tears, negative thoughts and feelings hopelessness. I literally felt like months of hard work was wiped out and I was starting all over again. Very dramatic, unrealistic and negative – all very uncharacteristic of me.

But I’m back to normalcy for two more weeks before it’s time to depart for the next HARD CHARGE event – and, in that time, I’ll finally run the 26.2 miles I’ve been training for since January. Next Saturday, May 10, I’ll lace up my running shoes for another Saturday long run. Only this one will be a little more than just another Saturday long run. I’m crazy excited and, of course, nervous. Here’s hoping all the hard work – and, of course, the effort to taper – pay off on the pavement.


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