“You can teach an old dog new tricks”

A special mid-week blog, as Chris and I are off on vacation to Big Sky, Montana. That’s right; while normal people seek out warm weather and beaches, I’m giddy at the idea of a vacation that includes upper 30s, sun, and snow – lots of snow!


Montana, here we come!

If anyone needs me, I’ll be on my snowboard for the next several days so Sunday’s usual blog will be delayed til we’re back. But, I wanted to take the opportunity to share a quick story before we embark on our mountain getaway.

I started skiing when I was five, then took my first ride on a snowboard before I hit teenage years. Because I learned so young – and because I like to think I’m just naturally athletic – I picked up both quickly and have enjoyed winter sports nearly my whole life.

Knowing I’m a junkie mountain girl at heart, Chris eagerly agreed to a group spring vacation skiing in Montana. While I knew snowboarding wasn’t his thing, I assumed he had enough of a handle on skiing to be able to hang with the group.

Chris had never skied before. Like, ever. I found this out after airline tickets had been purchased. He wasn’t worried, assuming his natural athletic ability and years of hockey were all he needed to pick up skiing quickly. I was skeptical. I mean, it’s one thing to jump right in and learn something as a kid; it’s quite another as an adult. Right?

So we did what any normal husband and wife would do. We rented him some gear and headed to the local ski hill where I assumed I’d be patient, he’d be impatient, I’d speak in encouraging words, he’d speak in the language of swear words, but by the end of the day, he’d be starting to get the hang of it.

Within the first hour, Chris looked like he had been skiing forever. I had to hand it to him, the hockey background really was the game-changer in him learning so quickly – well, that, and saying, “fuck” more times in one hour than I think he ever has before.

Now, at the age of 31, he’s as good a skier as many. Lucky me!

What’s something you’d love to do but feel “too old” to start? Or have you taken the plunge and tried something new in your adult years? Comment below or tweet me @runlikeagirl311 on Twitter.


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